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What A Good Hair Day Can Do For Your Business

01/28/2013 7:40 PM | Deleted user

The other day, Janelle Razzino, an executive recruiter from Westwood, gave a motivating speech about the importance of positive thinking, following your passions, and other things to be successful in business.  She was the featured speaker at BCPWN's monthly breakfast held last Tuesday at Panera Breads. 

There was positive energy and humor in Janelle's delivery, important attributes for an 8 AM meeting of women business owners and executives. At one point during her talk, she addressed the audience: “If you could accomplish one thing this year, what would it be?” The answers were predictable, as attendees offered their goals: get more cash flow, expand client base, etc. 

Janelle took it all in before she offered hers:  “My wish is to have a good hair day for the next 365 days,” she shared. Of course, that got a few laughs, but you know, most women would agree. 

For most of us, having a good hair day makes us look good and feel good. It boosts our confidence, and gives us the push we sometimes need to make that a business call, walk up to a stranger, or give a board room presentation.  

Having a good hair day can help us when I feel sad, and make us happier when we already feel happy. With a good hair day, anything is possible. 

Thanks to a good cut and good product, some days, I can look in the mirror and say that my goal was accomplished.  Off I go to face the world happier, confident and energized.     

Now I know what Janelle meant about what having a good hair day can do.  I think I’ll add it to my list of wishes 2013.  

And by the way, Janelle, your hair looked great!


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