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This is your chance to share your thoughts on women in business, networking, etc. Start your own post or comment on a member's thoughts. This is a great forum for sharing and learning from one another.
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  • 09/14/2022 4:34 PM | Deleted user


    How to be a Savvy Purchaser of Health Insurance and Employee Benefits

    What is a Good Health Insurance Plan?

    • A good health plan provides comprehensive coverage that meets employee needs but does not exceed them. At the same time, the plan addresses the requirements of employees with special needs so they have access to care without financial hardship; and it rewards employees for taking responsibility for their well-being through preventive health programs.

      Whether you are considering or renewing a health insurance plan for your business, there are several key factors to keep in mind:

    • ·      Most employees never meet their deductible (the average is 38%).
    • ·      The average number of claims per person is 5 per year.
    • ·      Younger employees rarely see a doctor.
    • ·      Most (if not all) employees do not get admitted to a hospital for care.
    • ·      Employees only appreciate the benefits they use.
    • Preparing for Your Health Insurance Renewal

      When it comes time to renew your health insurance plan, the key to choosing the right benefits is to be prepared. I advise clients to start doing their research early. Mark the date your plan renews on your calendar and work backwards, starting no later than three months in advance of your renewal date.

      A good place to begin is to survey your employees to find out how they are using the current health insurance. You might be surprised to find out that features you thought were essential are not used at all – and that your team depends on ones you never noticed. Important questions to ask include:

    • ·      Do they mainly stay in network?
    • ·      How many prescriptions do they fill per year?
    • ·      Are there physician relationships that are important to them?
    • ·      What might they be willing to compromise on?
    • ·      What additional benefits would they want if they could get them via an employer discount?
    • The next step is to review your current plan(s) to determine how well they fit your employees’ needs and expectations. You should be assessing your plan’s fundamentals, including coinsurance, deductibles, employee eligibility, single vs. family coverage, funding, and employee contributions. Also review whether or not the plans support your enterprise planning. Remember that it’s okay to have more than one plan if different populations have different requirements.

      Talk With Your Broker, Other Brokers & Peers

      Once you have completed your fact-finding, it’s time to explore your options. All brokers have access to the same plans and approaches. What separates them is their understanding of your business, the impact of current legislation, and their creativity in implementing programs to best suit the needs of your employees, budget, and enterprise planning.

      Begin by talking with your broker about any changes in the marketplace, new legislative requirements and funding approaches. Review why you chose your current plan and share the information you have gathered about how your employees are using the plan and any problems they have encountered. Then ask your broker if there are other options you should consider.

      Many brokers will only show an employer a limited number of plans, thinking it is a waste of time to educate him/her about all of the options available. They prejudge and, in doing so, miss the opportunity to educate their client about the second highest business expense they have. As an employer, you need to know about every relevant option in order make an informed decision about where to spend your money. That’s why it is a good idea to talk with other brokers as well as colleagues in your industry about the programs they are using or recommend. The more information you have, the better you’ll be able to plan for the future.

      Things You Want to Know About

      Here are some of the key issues that should be discussed:

    • ·      Additional options from the current carrier
    • ·      Options from competing carriers
    • ·      Self-insurance vs. fully insured plans
    • ·      PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations)
    • ·      Association Plans (if available in your state)
    • ·      State/Federal Insurance Exchange – for qualifying small employers there is up to a 50% tax credit in the first 2 years
    • ·      Tax Advantaged Programs:
    • o   POP (Premium Only Plans) allow pre-tax contributions
    • o   HRA’s (Health Reimbursement Arrangements) to self-insure high deductibles
    • o   HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts) to encourage employees to become more aware of their health spending
    • o   FSA’s (Flexible Spending Accounts)
    • ·      Incentives to encourage a healthy lifestyle
    • ·      Dependent Coverage
    • ·      Voluntary Benefits
    • o   Allow employees to choose plans to fill in gaps in coverage
    • ·      Will the plan comply with price transparency requirements?
    • How to Compare Plans

      When comparing insurance plans, make sure you look at the whole picture. The last thing you want is to save on the cost of insurance but end up paying more for care than your savings in bills. As for specifics, it is critical to closely compare the following:


    • ·      Copays (office visits, hospitalization, Rx)
    • ·      Deductibles (in-network, out-of-network, Rx, hospital)
    • o   Maximum out-of-pocket limits
    • ·      Internal plan limits (i.e. physical therapy)
    • ·      Authorization procedures
    • Networks

    • ·      Make sure the doctors that are important to your employees participate.
    • ·      Check to see that there are a sufficient number of doctors within 10 miles of employees’ homes.
    • Drug Formularies


      Putting It All Together

      Don’t expect to do all of this work yourself! A good broker will handle most of the legwork for you. However, being a savvy health insurance purchaser means having a clear understanding of what your business and employees need – and making sure the benefits match those needs. To achieve these goals, remember to:

    • ·      Give yourself enough time to do your research
    • ·      Survey your employees
    • ·      Talk to more than one broker
    • ·      Don’t offer first dollar benefits for services rarely used (i.e. hospitalization)
    • ·      Offer more than one plan if you have a diverse population
    • ·      Use incentives to encourage healthy behaviors/lifestyles
    • ·      Pay a higher % for employees than dependents

    Concerned about whether your health insurance plan is the right fit for you and your employees? Call us at 201-255-6239.

  • 03/30/2022 5:39 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

    Guest Post by Caylin Batt, BCPWN Intern

    Spring is in the air! 

    Ahhh, spring.  The time of year we all look forward to after the dark, cold days of winter. And let’s face it, it feels like we’ve been in “winter” for the past two years. Who isn’t ready for longer, sunnier days to spend outside?  For some of us, this time of year usually begins with spring-cleaning: the process of thoroughly cleaning out a house or garage. But this ritual isn’t just for your home – Have you ever thought about applying this practice to your business? Here are five spring-cleaning ideas that can be beneficial to your business and give it a springtime boost.  

    * De-clutter - This can mean more than removing things that are no longer valuable.  Take a more focused look at products or services that you offer and determine if they are still relevant.

    * Repurpose – There are so many shows on HGTV that show you how to turn your old backdoor into a coffee table.  You can apply this same technique to your employees as well – some of them may be better utilized and even happier if their talents and strengths are used in a different way. 

    * Sharpen your skills – some people head to the garage to evaluate their tools in the spring to determine if they need sharpening.  Do the same with your own skills; do you need to take a class or learn something new to keep up to date in your industry?   

    * Clean out your digital files – take some time to not only go through your inbox to delete old emails, but look for those files that you no longer need but are taking up space that can also be deleted.  And don’t forget to “empty the trash”!

    * Spring clean your clients – everyone is busy and it’s easy to let some time pass without checking in with your clients.  Are there some clients that need some attention? Take some time to review your clients and contact those you haven’t heard from.  Sometimes just reaching out can lead to new business.

    These simple tips and tricks will not only benefit you, but could give your business that extra boost it needs to thrive! Now let's open up for discussion, does anyone know of any tips that weren't mentioned that could come in handy for your fellow women in business? Feel free to share with the community!

  • 02/19/2022 12:25 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

    Guest Post by Caylin Batt, BCPWN Intern

    Regardless of what you do or where you work, there’s no disputing the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way we work and live. The constant uncertainty, isolation, and ever-changing guidelines have forced nearly every working American to adapt to a new normal, and have caused an increase in stress and burnout. 

    In New York City, some companies have begun experimenting with four-day work weeks in an effort to combat employee burnout, while others have already gone as far as to implement it company-wide. Kevin Daley, reporter for the The New York Times, wrote that a children’s clothing company called Primary began giving everyone Friday off in May of 2020. The company’s new schedule proved beneficial and was extended indefinitely that December. Soon after, several other companies followed Primary’s lead and either shortened their work week or announced that they plan to, including Kickstarter and Shake Shack. 

    The primary goal for shortening the work week is to prevent employee burnout during these trying times, as well as hopefully reinstate some sort of work-life balance. Elephant Ventures, a software company based in New York, also experimented with an extra day off, but had their employees work longer hours Monday-Thursday (10 hour days). KSAT News reported that it took several weeks for employees to adjust to their new routines, but “... after the first three-day weekend, workers returned feeling rested and excited. But at the end of that week they felt the toll of longer days…” (Jimenez). This experiment demonstrated that the shortened work week was beneficial for the employees, as well as the company itself. Workers were able to spend more time with their children/family, and some even began planning ahead in order to take advantage of the extra day. As for the company, it was reported that there was an increase in efficiency because longer work days allowed for projects to be finished rather than dragged out for multiple days (Jimenez/Massey).

    How would you feel about a four-day work week? What other option can be considered to better balance employee and customer/client needs? Comment below...


  • 01/25/2022 7:16 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

    The following Job Opportunities are Available. Feel free to share this post with a colleague or friend looking for a new position.

    Marketing/Public Relations:

    Senior Account Executive Role: River North Agency

    Email Resume to: Kelly Ferraro

    We are looking for experienced Senior Account Executives to join our dynamic and growing women-owned agency This team player will work on accounts across a broad range of industries including cryptocurrency, supply chain, LegalTech, and more. We are a small but mighty team, and this role will provide a great opportunity to help grow your media relations and client management skills. The sky’s the limit when it comes to career growth in this role. The ability to wear multiple hats, from strategic thinker to account support and execution, is highly valued.

    This role will focus on driving results for clients and support in tackling the day-to-day client needs. We’re looking for someone that can bring a fresh perspective to internal and client-facing conversations – having a point of view and the ability to share that POV with empathy, compassion, and kindness are key.   

     Responsibilities will vary with your level of experience, but candidates will:

    ·      Assume a leading role in identifying opportunities and securing placements on behalf of clients, with an eye towards ensuring maximum exposure before targeted audiences.

    ·      Develop and maintain strong relationships with reporters and editors at target publications.

    ·      Place bylined articles in appropriate publications.

    ·      Lead efforts of the communications team to ensure timely development of bylined articles

    ·      Manage clients on a daily basis and execute communications programs.

    ·      Develop corporate public relations, media relations, and thought leadership campaigns.

    ·      Perform writing for a wide range of collaterals, e.g., press releases, bylined articles, media pitches, briefing documents/talking points, Q&A's, messaging platforms, etc.

    ·      Provide strategic counsel on messaging and communications strategy.

    ·      Pitch top-tier media with a wide range of targets including business/financial and industry trade press.

    ·      Demonstrate the ability to pivot and problem-solve when roadblocks occur.

    ·      Maintain media, investor, and influencer contacts, and continually build relationships.

    ·      Participate in new business activities.

    Ideal candidates will have:

    ·      Minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in agency public relations

    ·      Proactive / reactive media relations expertise

    ·      Exceptional written and verbal skills

    ·      Excellent organization and attention to detail

    ·      Excellent time management skills

    ·      The ability to work well with others and manage a team as well as work independently when necessary

    ·      A sense of adventure and curiosity to jump in whether it’s learning a new industry or a new skill



    Why you’ll love us:

    We are a small, but growing team that loves what we do, but think it’s imperative to have fun while doing it. Moments of stress are fine, but weeks of it are not. We have a strict ‘no jerks’ policy, both on the client-side and the team side. It’s why we started our agency, and we think it’s what sets us apart.

    You will also have a seat at the table and have direct input into how the agency grows over time including benefits, culture, and clients.

    We are a proud women-owned business that is dedicated to creating an inspiring workplace for all. It is the policy of River North Communications to provide equal opportunities to all qualified persons, and to recruit, hire, train, promote, and compensate persons in all jobs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or sexual orientation.


    LAC/LPC Role: Healing Connections Counseling Center

    Email Resume to: Denise Ardito,

    Healing Connections Counseling Center, LLC is a growing group psychotherapy practice based in Ramsey, NJ that provides psychotherapy services to individuals ages 11 & up.  We are searching for clinicians to join our growing, supportive practice who are licensed in the State of New Jersey as LSW’s, LAC’s, LCSW’s, or LPC’s who are dedicated, empathic, and open minded. Fully licensed candidates would be credentialed with BCBS and possibly other insurance plans. (Clinicians in network with BCBS already would be a huge plus). Provisionally licensed therapists will receive free supervision to work toward clinical hours for licensure.  While our clients range in age from ages 11 & up, the practice is not opposed to hiring multiple candidates to work with different populations. Client issues vary, but often include (but are not limited to) anxiety, depression, bi-polar, adjustment difficulties, relational difficulties, school aged issues, substance issues, eating disorders, etc.  A minimum commitment of seeing 12 clients per week is required, with the opportunity to expand client caseload up to full time as referrals come in.  The candidate will be required to commit to either two evenings a week, or one evening and one weekend day. Peer and individual supervision are provided.  Compensation is $45-$50 per hour depending on licensure and experience; sessions may run 45-60 minutes, depending on client need.  Candidate may come on-site into office or conduct telehealth appointments at this time, with the expectation of being physically in the office post-pandemic. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow professionally amongst a supportive team of talented clinicians who work together collaboratively and compassionately.


           Required Education: Master’s Degree

           NJ State Licensed LPC, LCSW, LAC, or LSW

          Be willing to go in-network with BCBS and other insurance companies (already in network is a huge plus.)

          Either one evening/one weekend day or two evenings required

          Minimum of 12 clients per week, but up to full time eventually available



          Get the perks of private practice without the hassles!

          Flexible scheduling: See clients as your schedule allows.

          Determine for yourself what types/ages of clients with whom you will work

          Have NONE of the hassles of dealing with the insurance companies

          Don’t worry about where your referrals are coming from; they are supplied for you

          Group owner handles all problems collecting fees from clients or insurance companies

          Grow professionally and personally through provided individual and group supervision

          CEU reimbursement, amount to be determined based on hours worked

          Future benefits will be pursued as practice grows


    Duties include:

    ·       Providing 45-60 minute therapy sessions with clients weekly

    ·       Performing initial intakes

    ·       Coordination of schedules

    ·       Maintaining clinical documentation, including initial diagnosis, treatment plans, and weekly therapy notes

    ·       Communicate with collateral contacts as necessary for client treatment plan

    ·       Taking and logging payments

    ·       Providing documentation as necessary for insurance companies

    ·       Participating in peer and individual supervision

     Please e-mail a cover letter and resume to: Denise Ardito at


  • 04/27/2020 7:57 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

    Tips for Creating Thoughtful Content During a Crisis

    • by Liza Fonti, Highlight Content, LLC

      Creating content for social media posts and blogs is stressful for many small business owners on a normal day – throw a pandemic into the mix and we’ve hit a whole new level of “touchy”.  

      Should I post? Shouldn’t I post? Is it insensitive for me to be pushing my business now when so many are hurting personally, professionally, financially and health wise? 

      Not surprisingly, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. have reported significant usage increases during COVID-19. Your followers are online A LOT while they’re on lockdown. Should you post? Yes, you should. Staying connected is more important now than ever. However, during these times, you should be focusing your energy on thoughtful, meaningful content.  

      1.    Offer your followers valuable information.During these unprecedented times, many are looking to keep busy, while learning and growing as individuals and professionals. Think about what you have to offer your community and share your gifts, whether or not it brings you immediate sales. Offering this information will help you build rapport with your followers; trust that they’ll remember you when things turn around. If you own a spa, feature a soothing DIY mask. If you own a bar, share your sangria recipe with your followers. (Don’t worry – knowing how you make a specialty on your menu won’t keep them from coming back to you once you reopen.) A local hairdresser that I love to keep up with on Instagram is keeping her followers entertained with fun, short tutorial videos and hair care tips while clients are unable to visit with her in person. 

      2.    Be authentic.This is one of my favorite pieces of advice, even when we’re not in the middle of a pandemic. Don’t get me wrong - I appreciate a pretty, well laid out Instagram page more than most. However, it’s a good time to ditch the fancy filters (literally and figuratively), be honest and raw. Real is always appreciated. A great way to let your authenticity shine through is via video, whether it’s in your feed or in your stories. Let your followers get to know the real you behind your brand. 

      3.    Engage. Engage. Engage.From my years of experience creating content and managing various social media accounts, I’ve learned that people just want to be heard – period. Don’t talk AT your audience - talk with them. Ask questions, encourage them to comment, let them know that what they say matters. If you’re genuinely interested in your followers, they will engage with you.  

    As you’re fumbling to come up with creative ways to market your products and services during this time, I encourage you to keep it simple. Just as we are pulled to be selfless in our actions, this is the perfect opportunity for us to be generous with our content and the information we have to offer our communities. We rise by lifting others. 

    Do you need help creating content or managing your social media accounts? Let’s talk!

  • 03/18/2020 1:49 PM | Deleted user

    Business owners count on routine, structure and having some control over each day .  Today, and for the foreseeable future, that routine will be disrupted.  Parents managing school closures, distance learning and anxious children, face unprecedented challenges.  Experts from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers  offer valuable advice about how to keep your balance in the world today, which can only improve the stability of your business.  Read all about it here: and contact me any time for more information or advice about being (or becoming) a divorced parent in this difficult situation.  Amanda S. Trigg - - 201-845-9600 x185 -, Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney. Local, knowledgeable, available.  

  • 05/31/2019 1:03 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    Please send resume to

    RLP Wealth Advisors is seeking a detail-oriented individual who is enthusiastic about working at an independent wealth management firm based in Ridgewood, NJ.  Exciting opportunity to join a talented team at an established firm well positioned for growth, in a positive, family-friendly work environment. The position entails a variety of client service support responsibilities.  The ideal candidate is hard-working, disciplined, organized, collaborative in a team environment, with exceptional communication and presentation skills.
    • Successfully complete regulatory licenses – including 7, 63/65, 66
    • Shadow Client Meetings
    • Shadow Investment Decision Making
    • Client Meeting Preparation
    • Shadow Financial Planning activities to include;
    o Development of Financial Plans
    o Delivery of Financial Plans as directed by Principal
    • Ongoing evaluation and critique of Financial Planning software to meet leading edge best practices of the firm
    • Technology - oversee client access to web portal/albridge/emoney
    • Marketing – oversee marketing communications, email campaigns via constant contact, newsletters, website, client marketing materials, powerpoint presentations
    • Seek out opportunities to enhance and expand your personal capabilities in all areas relative to your assigned responsibilities and your personal development.

    • Excellent oral and written communication skills
    • Organization and multi-tasking skills
    • Working knowledge of Microsoft office suite
    • Engaging and friendly attitude
    • Prior work experience in finance preferred
    • Bachelor’s degree preferred

    What Sets Us Apart?
    Today’s environment demands transparency, accountability, responsible citizenship and the highest ethical standards. As an independent, employee-owned, sustainable wealth management firm, RLP Wealth Advisors proudly stands apart from traditional Wall Street financial companies.  We proudly service high net worth families and institutions.
    Please send resume to

  • 08/28/2018 5:07 PM | Deleted user

    The Healthiest Habits to Reach Your Best Self

    Dr. Jennie Luna Feature

    Understanding How to Eat Healthy

    Before diving into what food our body needs to thrive, we need to understand our food behavior. Let's face it, ladies, we don’t always eat because we are hungry. We eat because we are stressed, bored, tired, and the list goes on. Lucky there is a biological reason why we eat the way we do. Food can trigger our brain reward circuit; it’s what makes the rich chocolate cake wink at us when we have a crummy day. Having an awareness of our food behavior is the first step to changing it. Once we take a moment to pause and reflect why we are eating the way we do, we can start thinking about changing it for better. Luckily, the more we learn a new behavior it begins to replace the old habits.

    Eat Real Food

    Yes, mother nature gives us everything we need to have a healthy body. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and whole grains has been proven consistently in medical research to promote health. On top of all the nutrients they provide, they also naturally contain fiber. Fiber supports our gut flora, regulates bowel movements and burns energy while digesting. A bagel could never do that for us.

    Here are My top 6 Tips to Eating Healthy:

    1.       Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it avoids overeating.

    2.       Add some protein to your breakfast to enhance satiety.

    3.       Avoid deciding what to eat when you are starving. Plan your meals to optimize your success.

    4.       To increase your water consumption throughout the day, have a glass before each meal. This will also help with satiety.

    5.       You could never go wrong with eating food in its natural state.

    6.       Eat slowly and savor every bite, put your fork down halfway through the meal to check if you are satisfied. It takes 20 minutes for satiety to kick in. Remember, there is no need to overeat. If you are satisfied, save the rest for later.

    Maintaining a Healthy Weight

    What does the research show us on how to maintain a healthy weight? The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) has identified some common behavior in individuals who have successfully lost weight and kept it off.

    •     They eat breakfast

    •     Exercise at least 1 hour per day

    •     Frequently weigh themselves

    •     Low sedentary time with <10 hrs/week of TV time

    Battling fatigue

    Some common causes for fatigue are stress, lack of physical activity, food quality and lack of sleep.

    Here are My 4 Tips to Address Fatigue:

    1.       Keep a food journal

    2.       Aim for 7 to 8 hours of sleep

    3.       Go for a walk in nature

    4.       Stress management (meditate, journaling, support)

    Lastly, but the most important, don’t forget to be kind to yourself. It’s beautiful to be female. Keep shining, stay consistent, and enjoy the journey.


    Dr. Jennie Luna

    Founder of Nido®

  • 08/17/2018 11:06 AM | Deleted user

    What's your "elevator pitch"? Tell us what you do.

    As a Virtual Assistant I help business owners create time by taking over marketing, automation, scheduling, web design, system updates, research and other admin tasks and allowing them to focus on areas that will benefit the business growth.

    As a Evolve Lifestyle Coach I lead my clients through chapters in life they need support with and help them use their experiences as tools for growth.

    I can teach what I have been through and experience, the rest I can only have an opinion about.

    What's your favorite networking tip?
    Focus on making friends not clients.

    What is some of the best career advice you've been given?
    Your career is tightly connected to your personal life. If these two are not in balance your success will only be temporary. If you are passionate about it, it will never feel like you are working hard. If it doesn't work, it's ok to move on to the next. Always. You can change your mind at any moment :)

    What are your hobbies and interests outside of your job?
    Travel... times a million! Wellness, non-toxic living, essential oils as a lifestyle, volunteering in the US and outside. Any kind of art, from designing objects and fashion to creating life.

    Where do you find the most inspiration?
    In my daughters. In seeing the world as we travel. I am inspired by different ways of living and my close friends. 

    Learn more about Maria and her businesses: Virtual Assistant World and Clean Living Matters!

  • 06/27/2018 2:59 PM | Deleted user

    You’ve moved mountains and built empires in your career and life. And, yet, even after all your accomplishments and successes, your legacy is still on your mind. You want to figure out your “next act” and how you will use it to answer that question that has been sitting on your mind: What is my legacy? What imprint am I leaving on the world?

    On June 19, I had the privilege of spending a couple of hours over breakfast with an inspiring group of BCPWN members who care deeply about their communities. We talked about how they can live their legacy and use their next act to change lives, whether that means reinventing themselves through a new business or nonprofit, or adding a transformative give back component to their existing business.

    BCPWN member, Mary Ziegler from Certified Financial Services, recognized a couple of her clients in the stories I shared of women wanting to create positive social change in the world in their next act but who aren’t quite sure what to do or how to start.

    I am both humbled and thrilled to watch the growth of this movement of women using their power to change our communities (watch out for my story in the upcoming O, The Oprah Magazine).

    Thank you, BCPWN, for opening up your hearts and minds to consider how our collective legacies will create healthier, safer and more justice communities for everyone.

    About me: I’m Kirsten Bunch, the author of the upcoming book, Next Act, Give Back: How to Live Your Legacy That Will Change Your Life and Community. I work with successful women who want their next act to be bigger than simply making money or furthering someone else's dreams. Through my Changemaker Mentorship, I help them create healthier, more just communities by starting heart-centered businesses, nonprofits and foundations. You can find me at and (917) 754 0274.

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