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Wait 'Til You See What's Inside

05/02/2014 3:55 PM | Anonymous

A milestone birthday just passed for me (29, or course) and a dear friend mailed me a gift with a note that said “I’m not sure why, but I thought of you when I saw this.” I was intrigued. I ripped off the packaging to find a box with a photo of a white handbag/tote on it. I thought it wasn’t the greatest looking bag I’d ever seen, but it looked functional enough. As I opened the box I realized the potential of this bag… it has a plastic pouch for a beverage of choice (wine) and a pour spout on one end. Can you imagine what one could do with this bag??


The bag is just like us as professionals. We may see ourselves as good at what we do, but often overlook our potential. Well, it’s time to take a long hard look at what’s inside you.  Michele Brown of IntuAction Coaching enlightened us today with some strategies to get out of our own way, recognize our strengths and soar as professionals. I encourage you to try one thing you learned today. If you were not able to join us in person, we’ll see you next month for the workshop with Mandy Schumaker, which is all about leveraging our follow-up to close deals. Network, learn and be inspired by BCPWN.

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