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College Doesn’t Make You Smart; Life Does

07/03/2014 3:00 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

My Mom hails from Toledo, Ohio.


She lost her mother when she was in her teens -- perhaps one of the most difficult ages in a young woman’s life, period.. Somehow, she knew that there was a world out there for her to see. And with great courage, she left The Buckeye State in her mid-twenties and took The Big Apple by storm. By herself, in the sixties…a time when women were supposed to be married to make such a bold move.


Mom never finished college, but she is one of the smartest women I know. She navigated the Mad Men era with grace and wisdom, working for CBS Records, Motown and other marquis organizations. She relays stories of Barry Gordy, Stevie Wonder and myriad of mad men as if it were just another day at the office.


She met and married my father off a blind date in NYC. They moved back to the Midwest to follow my father’s career. In 1977, they launched an advertising agency together. In 1999, my father was diagnosed with and died from cancer.  Steadfast, she kept the business going for another 12 years all on her own.


She is an incredible Mom and truly my inspiration in business for so many reasons. Who is yours? Share your story and join us on July 23rd for the Inspirational Women In Business luncheon.

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