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Is Your Biz Stuck In The Land Of Chaos?

07/28/2015 6:11 AM | Deleted user

I remember trying to do it all.  Taking care of my daughter, starting a business, managing two rental properties, and running the finances.  I had a knack for all of it thanks to my career background.

Just because you are good at everything, doesn’t mean you should DO everything….

Sound familiar?

January, 2012.  I was getting for a mini getaway with my family to visit an old college roommate.  She was in town from Scotland with her new baby.

As I pulled up in the car, the hugs started flying, and the stories starting coming out like wildfire.  It was the best time!

Then I got a phone call.

I left the room, and answered.  It was a tenant.  The garage door spring malfunctioned and her car was now trapped in the garage.

At that moment, all of the air got sucked out of the room.

More phone calls…  

Repair people…

Two hours later, crisis resolved.

And two hours of my life, with my family and my friend were gone.  I missed out.

That’s the day, I made a decision....no more chaos.

I sold the rental property and decided to commit to two things – my personal life and my business.  

Anything else, someone else had to care for.

By making that one powerful decision, I learned that what you focus on grows. Universal energy guides us and needs to know where to land.  And it doesn’t land in chaos.

Here are four steps to shut down the cycle of chaos:

1     Goals – write down clear goals.  When opportunities come your way it’s clear when to say “yes” and when to say “no”.  If the opportunity feed your goals, commit.  If not…sayonara!

2     Delegate – if you’re good at website design but your business is wardrobe consulting, give it to an expert. The time saved is better spent on revenue-generating activities.

3     Focus – create focused time in your schedule to maximize production.  Focused time means no phones, family, dog, nada!  It’s amazing what you can accomplish.  

4     Accountability – find a class, group, or mastermind with other like-minded women going through the same thing.  You get a sense of “permission” when you see others working through the same issues.  It makes it “ok” to stay on track.

Ahhh, doesn’t that feel better?

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