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No Way, You Can’t Do That!

10/15/2015 12:56 PM | Deleted user

Think Big

Have you ever had a really cool idea and soon it gets shut down with thoughts of, “No way, you can’t do that!” It could be the desire to connect with someone really big in your industry, a super star mentor, or even a rock star?

Do you even take the time to think BIG? Well, this week give yourself permission to do just that. Think BIG. What would be really cool to pull off in your biz? And what voices in your head are holding you back?

We often have these, “Who am I to do this?” or “I don’t deserve that,” negative thoughts. And we are not alone. It happens to EVERYONE.

The only difference between you and the ones that take action?

They flip the bird on the voices, AND DO IT ANYWAY!

That is the ONLY difference between what “they” can do and “you” can do.

Many of my clients have the same thoughts. Once they shut down the voices…here’s what happened…

>>>> one wound up designing a handbag for Oprah…

>>>> another got her handbags photographed with prime time celebrities….

>>>> another got a big TV doctor to tweet about her regularly…

And did they have some magic super power to make this happen?  No. What they did was get their butts in action. Nothing more…no pixie dust involved, just action.

Sounds nifty, but does it work?

I had this wacky idea for a 50th birthday party for my husband. What would be so fantastical that I wouldn’t even be able to stand myself?

Forget the DJ, let’s get a rock star to play at his party!

And so it began…

…with a nervous phone call to a booking agent.

…followed by the screaming thoughts inside my head, “They won’t take me seriously, there’s no way…stop this nonsense…

…and then the booking agent called asking how he could help me to make this happen. (OMG this guy was super nice!)

…next the bassist from the band called to coordinate dates and locations. (OMG and he was even nicer!)

A deal was on the table…

And the hubs got himself a private concert.

Seriously…that happened. And I still can’t believe it.

Your turn – what BIG connection are you wanting to make in your biz? Is it a BIG JV partner?  An author of a book?  A BIG stage event?  Now, just take one action step toward it…and watch the magic happen.

Here are 3 hot tips to help you make your BIG idea happen:

1. Personal Rolodex – You’d be surprised who you and your colleagues know. Start with your own personal connections – which colleagues are connected to the same industry as the person whom you are looking to connect with?

2. Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – The theory goes, you’re only six people away from your connection. Bring this theory to life using LinkedIn. This visually shows you people in between you and your desired contact.  Remember, Kevin Bacon has got nothing on you! 

(No offense Kevin…)

3. Social Media Savvy – Find your connection on social media and follow them. Don’t stalk them, follow them.

Retweet their content, share their posts on FB, leave comments on their blog posts. Start finding out where they have spoken or what podcasts they’ve been on, and see if you have crossed within the same circles. Reference that connection when you are reaching out directly.

Our next BIG leap is one you’re going to benefit from. We are in the process of connecting with an industry thought leader to interview for our upcoming June issue of “Accelerate – The Magazine.” Stay tuned!

So what is your big “No Way, You Can’t Do That” desire? And what action are you going to take to get one step closer to making that dream a reality? Let us know!

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