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Lean Marketing Is Like Summer Party Leftovers

05/10/2016 11:48 AM | Deleted user

Lean Marketing Is Like Summer Party Leftovers

Maybe your company doesn’t have a huge budget to spend on marketing initiatives. That’s okay. As long as you’re developing great content that is created in a way that can be made into “snackable” pieces people can consume over a period of days or weeks.

Here’s how.

  1. Create one substantial piece of content that your clients would read, for example an eBook with problem solving tips and processes. Develop a landing page for the eBook to capture email addresses and lead information.
  2. Each chapter from the eBook could also become a blog article that links back to the eBook using a call to action like “To learn more, download our free eBook.”
  3. Since people consume content in different ways, consider short video tips from each chapter and post them on your video channel. Leverage the same call to action using in the blogs; but, create a unique URL for the videos to track link effectiveness in your website analytics.
  4. Infographics are another popular way to display data in a fun way. Organize data from the eBook into separate infographics.
  5. Share each piece of content on social media over a period of weeks, in client emails, within online ad campaigns, in staff email signatures, and more.

There are dozens of other leftovers you can make from a large piece, such as slide decks, podcasts, cheat sheets, checklists, how to’s, webinars, and so much more.

Make your marketing party memorable. Create a theme and then develop “snackable” pieces from the whole.

What summer “snackables” can you create from your company’s marketing assets?

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