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The Mid Year Hustle

05/18/2016 12:54 PM | Deleted user

Have you been looking at the calendar in dis-belief that we’re almost halfway through the year?  And have you looked at your revenue numbers wondering, how am I going to hit my goals?


As I was clicking through at lightening speed with my remote this past weekend, and stumbled onto the movie Field of Dreams (with Kevin Costner). 

Do you remember that catchy phase from this movie?


It’s also a HUGE pet peeve of mine when it comes to business.


“Build it and they will come.”


Much like what most business owners think when they start their businesses – I know I did!


We soon realize it takes more than a field of dreams to have a consistent revenue stream.


Remember?  You set everything up for people to come knocking down your door.

But that didn’t last long.


You look out the window…nope, no one lining up.


Then you start to stare at the ceiling.  You move your chair around your office, still gazing upward. Waiting for clients to drop from the sky, of course!


Everyone is looking for the secret sauce when it comes to creating more revenue for themselves.  And it takes something a wee bit different than just building it.


And it’s not as difficult as you think. 


If you dedicate at least one hour a day to money-generating activities, you can get that revenue rolling.

But why aren’t more business owners able to pull it off?

Here’s the problem:

1.    Most business owners aren’t clear what a money-generating activity is

2.    You are constantly distracted and robbed from creating focused time

Here’s how to get started with an action plan for revenue:

1.    Focused time – create one hour with zero distractions. No phone calls, texts, Facebook, or emails.  Leave your home for the library if you have to, and literally un-plug.  Tell your loved ones what you are up to so they honor it.  It’s only an hour…you will survive…and so will everyone else…I promise!

2.    Set a timer – Put 60 minutes on the clock. Once your time is up, it’s pencils down.  Get used to this!  The point is to start training you to avoid procrastination, getting caught up in perfection, or delaying your decision-making.  This is a strength that every successful CEO possesses – the more you do this, the more successful you will be.

3.    Check In With Former Clients – did you know it costs six times more marketing dollars to get a new client than to sell a prior client? Check in with your favorite people and see how you can serve them based on where they are today – things change rapidly – get back up to speed on their frustrations and challenges. 

4.    MGAs – Choose and complete as many money-generating activity within one hour.  Choose from this list:

·       Reserve your attendance at a networking event

·       Book a speaking event, workshop

·       Schedule complimentary initial sales calls

·       Call list of follow-ups

·       Contact referrals

·       Reach out to potential referral partners

·       Process payments

·       Track your numbers

Call To Action:

What is your easiest money generating activity you can do in less than an hour today?


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