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5 Trade Show Business Building Tips - Guest Post by Aparna Mulchandani

02/20/2017 10:42 AM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

The top 3 goals for exhibitors at trade shows are brand awareness, lead generation, and relationship building. 81% of Trade Show attendees have buying authority. (*Trade Show News Network)

If you are participating in a trade show you should really begin planning at least 3 months ahead of time. If you are in a service business – keep in mind that the exhibitors are potential clients too.

Every time I participated in a trade show, I walked away with a client – another exhibitor!

5 Trade Show Business Building Tips:

Unfortunately, no one is going to stand in front of your booth display for 30 minutes reading the 2 paragraphs and 6 bullets of copy.

1. Your display is your billboard

  •  Keep the words to a minimum – 5 words or maybe 6 – no more! People should get the message as they are walking by and stop in their tracks.
  • Visibility has to be clear. Logo at the top is always a good idea – so it can be seen from a distance.
  • Keep the images generic – and minimal. The idea is to draw people in and start a conversation. Keeping the images generic also keeps the backdrop timeless – so your product packaging may change but the booth doesn’t have to!
  • Decide what will fit best depending on the size of your booth. Do you have a small booth that will only fit a table? Place a pop up on the table so that it is higher than the backdrop! Get a custom tablecloth with your logo. They are easy to do and affordable. And please iron it :) thank you

2. Stand in front of the table

  • Walk up to people! Standing in front makes you much more approachable! 
  • Rest when you get a chance with a nearby chair.

3. Have a clear call to action.

  • Print and clearly communicate your goals throughout your booth & materials. Do you want customers to purchase your product? Sign up for further information?

4. Swag

  • People love freebies. It’s like trick-or-treating for adults.
  • Plan in advance and find something that relates to your brand and your purpose.
  • Be clever, creative and memorable! A simple postcard may be great – with an offer to go to your website for a freebie that is tied to the trade show. This will help you keep track of visitors and capture their email address.

5. Follow – up

  • Email all the people you met within a few days of the trade show – whether you think they are prospects or not. They may know someone who needs your product or service.
  • A simple, personal thank you for stopping by” is also good.
  • Add them to your networking database.
  • Even if you don’t get a single client at the show – you may find one in your follow up.

Remember—A Trade Show is an opportunity to meet many prospects at once as well as learning what others are offering in the industry. Being prepared with a crisp, concise and interesting message will make all the difference. To learn more click TwoByTwo Design’s Trade Show Programs

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