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7 Organic SEO Tips that Won’t Cost You a Penny - Guest Post by Aparna Mulchandani

03/26/2017 9:39 AM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

When we are discussing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we often lose sight of our top goal: To be found by prospects that will engage and become clients who we will have long lasting relationships.

To accomplish this goal we need to have a multi-faceted approach that includes: Marketing, Strategy, Keyword Enriched and Optimized Content, Responsive Design, Backlinks and internal links.

Here are 7 simple tips to help your website work for you!

1. Strong URLs:

If you can, include a strong keyword in your URL, you will come up higher in search. For example: will rank higher than Additionally, make sure that each internal page URL includes one of your key search terms already mentioned on that page. For example, if you specialize in logo design: instead of “”

2. Keywords:

Sprinkle them throughout the website. Select approx. 10 keywords and make sure your content includes them.

3. Alt Tags & Image Names:

Google cannot read images. So make good use of alt tag text as well as the image name itself.

4. Social Media Interaction:

Google LOVES socialization! Make sure your page has links to Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. and keep those posts active

5. Videos:

Google LOVES YouTube! Make sure you embed any videos you have on your YouTube channel.

6. Call to Action:

Tell them what to do! “Call Now”, or “Buy Now”, or “Get a Free Quote Today!”

7. Be sure to include a robots.txt file on your root directory.
The robots.txt file tells search engine crawlers which directories can or cannot be crawled.

Remember you can create something great, but clients won’t see it if it can’t be found! Learn more at TwoByTwo Design’s Web Site Programs.

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