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08/01/2017 11:28 AM | Deleted user

Laura Ashland is a catering business entrepreneur that the IRS and her family don’t know about.  She provides consultation and a special ingredient to her clients for them to prepare a last supper for someone they want dead.

Three novellas tell the tale of Laura’s catering business.

The third in the LAST SUPPERS series has recently been published.  All are available on Amazon.

LAST SUPPERS, Part 3, LAURA, PENELOPE and GUS—A Dash of Poison

Briefly: Laura Ashland’s catering business was successful. Her special ingredient was in demand.  She discouraged clients from repeating serving their deadly meals to people they didn’t want to live longer.  No repeats were her rule.  Unfortunately that rule required frequent replenishment of clients.  Laura was ready to seize opportunities when they appeared.  Without special advertising Penelope and Gus contacted her at the same time.  They wanted to kill each other.  One meal, two deaths would enhance Laura’s business plan.  Why not? 

LAST SUPPERS, Part 2 LAURA and EMMA LOU—A Taste for Murder

Briefly:  Laura Ashland fed A.W. Legworth his last supper. The meal was deadly for him.  There was no investigation. Laura was safe.  Her catering business was born.  Her clients wanted their spouse or lover dead.  Laura provided the recipes and special ingredient for their last supper.  She was successful until Emma Lou returned.

The first novella in the series is LAST SUPPERS, LAURA’S TALE--A Killer Recipe

Briefly:  Laura Ashland had always seemed proper.  She followed the course of action to gain a husband outlined in the book.  Then, she met Tom.  They married.  After a while, life changed.  Laura made plans that weren’t included in the book she read by A.W. Legworth.  In this novella you could say her plan became her recipe for life and for a menu option. Her plan proved deadly.

These novellas are available on Amazon.  Type Joan Lefford in the search field for the Kindle Store on Amazon and view the books.  Or, click on this link.


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