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What Resonates With You?

01/31/2018 3:53 PM | Anonymous

Do you ever feel like sometimes you have too much of yourself? I don't mean "me time", because goodness knows we don't have enough of that. I mean, all you hear is your own voice and the same ideas and methods for accomplishing your goals. 

Even with a staff and others around me, it can be isolating and I remain in a rut. A close friend of mine who is a financial planner for a big firm approaches her business in a very entrepreneurial way. 

Over the years she has said to me, why don't you get out from behind your desk? Go to lunch with someone in your network. Troll LinkedIn and reconnect with colleagues or create a new connection. Because I don't have time. Why don't you go to the gym at lunch time? I used to, but I am so overwhelmed right now. 

I am more than a quarter through Arianna Huffington's book Thrive and she really gives it to me straight. You can't afford to ignore your body or to settle for status quo. She drills into being mindful - and not in a way that requires you to sit cross legged near a brook for 3 days. It becomes a part of everyday function. She likens these practices to recovery for athletes Huffington touches on the teachings of Carl Jung and archetypal dreamwork, which our BCPWN First Friday Luncheon speaker Jill Eras will delve into on March 2nd. Our connection to ourselves and to our network of colleagues, friends and family is essential. 

For me, it is useful, critical even, to hear the advice and practices of others. What resonates with you? Share it with our community of women.

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