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Dreaming into Reality

03/14/2018 1:22 PM | Deleted user

by Jill Eras, MS, MFT

We all dream – whether or not we remember, this phenomenon is one we all share. Have you ever wondered why? Dreams have a profound and sacred purpose in our lives, indeed, they are gifts given to us night after night because they are our teachers and because we are loved. Each dream is designed by your own psyche (soul) to teach you about you in your own language. Our bodies connect to our souls through the feelings and experience of dreams – we learn how to decipher our own unique “road map” by thoroughly and consciously relating to our dreams. When we value the possibility to grow through engaging our dreams, the process begins almost immediately.

Here are some tips to jumpstart your dream life:

1. Keep a clean and orderly sleep space.
2. Have a bedtime routine that includes a predictable bedtime, soothing sleep aides such as aromatherapy or music, and screen-free downtime.
3. Limit caffeine and alcohol.
4. Keep a journal or voice recorder handy so that you can quickly scribble the memory of dreams as you awake each day.
5. Most importantly: set your intention to remember your dreams.

Looking forward to the opportunity to hear about some of your dreams when we meet on April 6th! This is my invitation to step into the world of your dreams; what you will learn about you will enthrall. - Jill

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