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Kirsten Bunch: Our BCPWN Member Spotlight

03/21/2018 9:06 AM | Deleted user

As many of you know, one way we learn about what inspires our members and helps drive their career success is our monthly Member Spotlight email.This month we're adding the feature to our blog!

We're excited to hear from Kirsten Bunch, Founder of The Changemaker Mentorship, who helps women start nonprofits, foundations, socially focused businesses and other "changemaking" initiatives. She's also writing a book!

What is your networking philosophy or best tip to share with the group?

Get out and meet new people, even when you don't feel like it. Don't ever cancel a networking opportunity or just not show up, unless you have a really good reason. Listen without judgement and ask questions. Be interested instead of interesting.

What is some of the best career advice you've been given?

If your job or career doesn't feel right, change it. If your heart is pulling you in another direction, don't let fear keep you from exploring it.

What are the words you work by (or what is your motto when it comes to the way you approach your career)?

I'm in the business of making our communities healthy, safer and more just. I know I am on the right career path when my clients want to create a better world as much, if not more, than I do.

What are your hobbies and interests outside of your job?

I play roller derby in order to give my brain a break from work. It takes a lot of focus and is completely exhausting!

Where do you find the most inspiration?

In my clients. They come to me with ideas to change their communities and I am floored every day by what they are able to accomplish.

Do you have a favorite software system or app that helps you in your business that you would like to share with the group?

I love Canva because I can create good looking marketing material without spending tons of money. Also, Calendly makes it easy for my clients to book time with me.

Click here to learn more about Kirsten and The Changemaker Mentorship. Follow Kirsten's Facebook Group to find out how you can be part of her upcoming book launch; inspiring successful women to give back to their communities in a powerful way.

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Mary E. Adams
Executive Director, BCPWN

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