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5 Spring-Cleaning Ideas to Boost Your Business

03/30/2022 5:39 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

Guest Post by Caylin Batt, BCPWN Intern

Spring is in the air! 

Ahhh, spring.  The time of year we all look forward to after the dark, cold days of winter. And let’s face it, it feels like we’ve been in “winter” for the past two years. Who isn’t ready for longer, sunnier days to spend outside?  For some of us, this time of year usually begins with spring-cleaning: the process of thoroughly cleaning out a house or garage. But this ritual isn’t just for your home – Have you ever thought about applying this practice to your business? Here are five spring-cleaning ideas that can be beneficial to your business and give it a springtime boost.  

* De-clutter - This can mean more than removing things that are no longer valuable.  Take a more focused look at products or services that you offer and determine if they are still relevant.

* Repurpose – There are so many shows on HGTV that show you how to turn your old backdoor into a coffee table.  You can apply this same technique to your employees as well – some of them may be better utilized and even happier if their talents and strengths are used in a different way. 

* Sharpen your skills – some people head to the garage to evaluate their tools in the spring to determine if they need sharpening.  Do the same with your own skills; do you need to take a class or learn something new to keep up to date in your industry?   

* Clean out your digital files – take some time to not only go through your inbox to delete old emails, but look for those files that you no longer need but are taking up space that can also be deleted.  And don’t forget to “empty the trash”!

* Spring clean your clients – everyone is busy and it’s easy to let some time pass without checking in with your clients.  Are there some clients that need some attention? Take some time to review your clients and contact those you haven’t heard from.  Sometimes just reaching out can lead to new business.

These simple tips and tricks will not only benefit you, but could give your business that extra boost it needs to thrive! Now let's open up for discussion, does anyone know of any tips that weren't mentioned that could come in handy for your fellow women in business? Feel free to share with the community!


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