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This is your chance to share your thoughts on women in business, networking, etc. Start your own post or comment on a member's thoughts. This is a great forum for sharing and learning from one another.
  • 07/02/2014 6:52 PM | Lisa Pisano (Administrator)

    Did you receive today's BCPWN Tips Email?  Re-sharing here on the blog for future reference...Tips on Finding Career Inspiration This Summer: share your thoughts in the comments below!

    • Find a Good Beach Read. Pick up the biography of someone you feel in awe of or someone who has done something that gives you even an inkling of "could I do that?"

    • Network, Network, Network. “Often people will mistakenly wait for inspiration to reach out and tap them on the shoulder when in fact inspiration requires action … by you,” writes Nicole Williams in “Tips for Finding, Reigniting and Building Inspiration.” We happen to agree with this tip wholeheartedly, and highly recommend attending an upcoming BCPWN event!

    • Journal. Start by jotting down your thoughts once a week and see what comes to the surface. By clearing your mind and getting things on paper, you’ll invite in focus, creativity, and inner peace.

    • Learn Something New. Enroll in a cooking class. Try your hand at pottery or jewelry making. Learn html. Join a running club. Stretch your limits and expand your horizons to awaken those brain synapses.

    • Meditate. Find at least 5-10 minutes once a week to clear your mind, sit, and breathe. Try the Mindfulness guided mediation app, available for smartphones. Pop in your earbuds on the commute home or sit in the Starbucks parking lot and enjoy the quiet.

    Source: “Tips for Finding, Reigniting and Building Inspiration” – August 29, 2013
    Nicole Williams
    US News and World Report.com: Money/Careers Blog

  • 06/16/2014 1:51 PM | Deleted user
    June 2014 Video Ally Nathaniel

    I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself.” Albert Einstein.

    Recently I was on a visit to the “Book expo America”, where I got to meet other authors as well as industry experts. Wow! I have to say, what an amazing experience. The whole thing absolutely inspired me, including the events and panels, but most of all it was some of the wonderful people I met, one of which was Cindy Ratzlaff who is a branding expert, (I will tell you more about branding in future newsletters.)

    I also met Jon Fine who is Amazon’s director of ‘Author and publishing relations,’ and C.J Lyons who is another successful self-published author. There were many, many others, all of whom inspired me to keep moving in the direction of my dreams.

    But how do you keep moving forward when it seems to get so hard? What do you do when you’re out of ideas or feel isolated? You find your inspiration from somewhere.

    Inspiration is everywhere around you. All it takes is for you to be open enough to receive it. And when you do get that spark of an idea, welcome it with open arms.

    Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill.

    I was supremely inspired by the time I went back home, and it made me decide to use that inspiration to make changes in my life, including writing more and ensuring that I move forward with my business. For me it’s necessary to use the inspiration I constantly receive from many sources as the fuel of my “get it done” engine.

    For you, your inspiration could be the fuel to start your “write my book” engine, or “find the help I need” engine. It’s really down to you.

    Make sure to get inspired on a daily basis and use that energy to promote your writing/publishing goals.

    The best dreams happen when you’re awake.” Cherie Gilderbloom.

    ofice wall inspiration

  • 06/07/2014 9:14 AM | Mary Adams (Administrator)
    Business is like dating. It’s a dance, a series of moves, part strategic and part serendipitous. How on earth do we navigate that? As we embark on the month of finding money in our networking follow up, a personal story comes to mind.


    My dating mantra was the following: “I will always have a good time or a good story”. This one is my favorite.


    A successful NYC doctor asked me on a date and I accepted.  We planned to go to the movies on a Tuesday night, followed by dinner. He told me to arrive an hour and 15 minutes early. No way. I said no, I’ll be there 20 minutes before it starts. When I arrived he had purchased the tickets, popcorn, and a bottle of water for me. As he selfishly crunched away on his popcorn, I turned to him randomly and said, “sure, I’d love some” and jammed my hand in the bag of popcorn. We went to dinner. I ordered soup and salad and he ordered a full on steak dinner. The check came. He sat staring at it. He started mumbling “tickets, popcorn, water…you owe me $33.75”.  I was stunned. I just subsidized this guy’s meal and he was charging me to the penny. So I went home and vowed never to go out with him again.


    Four days later, I received an envelope from him. Inside was a note written on is Rx pad that said, “I miscalculated and charged you too much,” accompanied by a $10 bill. Henceforth my date with him is dubbed as the “rebate date”. In this case, the money was literally in the follow-up.


    This month’s workshop is about how to grow our business through follow-up. How many times did you go on a date that you thought went well and then the phone never rang (not that we, as empowered women, couldn’t make the call)? How do you think our potential clients feel when they spend time with you, listening to your pitch, reading your proposal, researching your company, only to receive a cold, form email that says “just checking in…” (Or “hey, I charged you too much”, in my case)? Be thoughtful and strategic about how and when you engage after meeting someone. 


  • 05/02/2014 3:55 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    A milestone birthday just passed for me (29, or course) and a dear friend mailed me a gift with a note that said “I’m not sure why, but I thought of you when I saw this.” I was intrigued. I ripped off the packaging to find a box with a photo of a white handbag/tote on it. I thought it wasn’t the greatest looking bag I’d ever seen, but it looked functional enough. As I opened the box I realized the potential of this bag… it has a plastic pouch for a beverage of choice (wine) and a pour spout on one end. Can you imagine what one could do with this bag??


    The bag is just like us as professionals. We may see ourselves as good at what we do, but often overlook our potential. Well, it’s time to take a long hard look at what’s inside you.  Michele Brown of IntuAction Coaching enlightened us today with some strategies to get out of our own way, recognize our strengths and soar as professionals. I encourage you to try one thing you learned today. If you were not able to join us in person, we’ll see you next month for the workshop with Mandy Schumaker, which is all about leveraging our follow-up to close deals. Network, learn and be inspired by BCPWN.

  • 02/16/2014 2:31 PM | Beth Donalds
    Sorry Ladies...but the snow has caused me to need to reschedule and I can no longer make the Tuesday breakfast.  I know that Irene will do a great job...and I encourage the members that have not yet been to the Suburban Diner to come on down and check out the new place!
  • 02/14/2014 2:40 PM | Dorothy Anderson

    Yes, spring really is just around the corner.  Please join Maria and Dot March 7th - March 13th in Montvale for the W by Worth Spring Trunk Show.  View the entire line at www.wbyworth.com

    10% off your entire order if you come with a friend to shop.  Contact me now for an appointment.  danderson@wbyworth.com or 201.264.4229. 

  • 02/06/2014 4:12 PM | Mary Adams (Administrator)

    Like many of you, I’m tired of the weather here in the Northeast.  I don’t feel like going outside for fear of losing a limb to frostbite. I’m not always motivated to do things differently because I’m in “burrow in” mode with work and home.  I have to maintain focus on what I do enjoy about my business.


    One of my favorite parts of business is the overuse of clichés. People can string sentences together that mean absolutely nothing. “Put some fires out”, “square off some corners”, “tee it up” and “deeper dive” are a few of my top picks. So when people say “think out of the box” my eyes glaze over. Who sits in the box and thinks anyway? EXACTLY.


    As many of you know, my son turned one on Jan 1. He is a continual source of entertainment, joy and inspiration. He was at daycare with all of the toys in the world around him. The sitter sent me this photo of him smiling from ear to ear. She had just unpacked a retail shipment and left the box out momentarily. Instead of playing with the same old toys, he gave sitting IN THE BOX a whirl. And look how happy he is.


    As we listen to Johanna Baralle from Paychex at the BCPWN First Friday Luncheon talk about strategic planning and business cycles, remember to force yourself think differently for a fresh perspective.  Immerse yourself, get inside the problems or projects you are facing. Let me know how it goes and if we can help you in any way! 

  • 02/06/2014 8:48 AM | Deleted user


    Now is the perfect time to audit your existing wardrobe and start updating and refreshing your style.  Spring is appearing in the stores and why not try a new color, accessory or even a new bag.  I am offering a Valentine's Day promo:  15% off any package til Feb. 14th.


    Buy for yourself or give a gift certificate to your friend, husband, yourself or partner!  Who wouldn't enjoy styling made easy!!  "Fashion fades, style is eternal".  Yves Saint Laurent


  • 11/16/2013 8:43 AM | Mary Adams (Administrator)
    Entrepreneur Lauren Seise of Playground Talk entered the world of events yesterday at Bookends Bookstore in Ridgewood. She invited terrific vendors such as all American hand-made gifts from Oliver & Adelaide to a mother's workout haven Ridgewood Bar Method. The offerings were diverse and the products amazing.

    I would say my favorite was Brandyn Randolph from Lady Savant. Her energy was inspiring and the company is all about supporting women's business. That's exactly what we do at BCPWN and I love that there are other companies dedicated to the same. Bravo Lauren for putting together a wonderful collage of people and businesses!
  • 11/11/2013 8:37 AM | Deleted user
    Special invitation for BCPWN members! I am delighted to be selected by Worth to host an exclusive Preseason Worth New York Spring 2014 Trunk Show from Friday, November 15th thru Sunday, December 1st.
    Location: 287 Anderson Avenue, Alpine
    Contact Julie Cohen, Executive Wardrobe Consultant for your personal styling session.
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